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LLC Activity has unique wind measurement experience in different regions of Russia.

Wind measurements conducted:
More than 150 wind farms (over 2000 MW)

Wind measurement masts installed:
Over 30

Feasibility studies:
7 wind farms (395 MW)

Design documentation development:
4 wind farms (37 MW)

Construction and installation:
3 Wind Turbine generators (825 kW)

Wind measurement calculation is essential to figure out how much power will a wind farm produce on any given site. We carry out preliminary wind measurement based on existing data of meteorological stations, airports, satellite observations. Final evaluation of wind energy potential is conducted after our own wind measurement procedures.
Wind measurement – is a cycle of different calculations of wind’s characteristics such as speed, direction, temperature. Wind measurement is necessary for further wind power calculations.
Wind measurement is vital for precise evaluation of wind farm future production. Wind’s energy is proportional to wind’s speed raised to the third power and a 10% percent margin of mistake in wind’s speed measurement may lead to 30% error in evaluation of wind farm’s productivity.
Based on wind measurement results we’ll find out wind speed’s extremes and turbulence’s intensiveness to pick the right wind turbine generator type.

Site’s technical availability and economical value of wind farm’s construction

Choosing what construction site is more reasonable

– one with higher energy generation but harsher construction conditions (site A) or one with less energy generation but favorable construction conditions (site B)?

Choosing the rich wind farm site criteria:

  • Wind resource quality
  • Construction conditions
  • Scheme’s of energy output limitations
  • Land’s legal status
  • Transport availability
  • Environmental limitations
  • Other limitations

Choosing wind turbine generators

What type of wind turbine generator (WTG) is more suitable for your project?

  • WTG’s class in 61400-1 (wind’s extreme speed, turbulence intensity)
  • WTG’s power curve
  • WTG’s level of availability
  • WTG’s basic elements’ mass and габариты, кран requirements
  • Terms of WTG’s supply agreement, it’s operating and maintenance conditions, parts cost.

We can also organize the supply of WTG to your site. Details >>

Wind farm layout

  • Maximization of electricity generation
  • Turbulence’s minimization
  • Meeting the limitations on construction in neighboring infrastructure proximity
  • Meeting sanitary requirements on sites with noise level limitations
  • Construction site’s working conditions

Wind farm’s 3D visualisation

  • To evaluate wind farm’s visual impact
  • To demonstrate wind farm’s construction stages to заказчик, region’s government representatives and locals.

Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду


  • We evaluate wind farm’s impact on
  • Geological environment
  • Soil and water environment
  • Land resource
  • Air in the atmosphere
  • Flora and fauns

We calculte:

  • Noise impact
  • Shading frequency
  • Vibrations
  • Waste


LLC Activity obtained construction and installment experience while building 4 wind farms of 855 KW power total. Construction of 500 kW win farm underway.

  • Building basis, technological corridors, mounting sites of wind farms
  • Installation and электромонтаж
  • Commissioning and wind farm’s startup


Our vast experience in wind power projects realization and personnel’s high skill level allows us to conduct independent due diligence of wind farms projects.

We evaluate:

  • Wind measurement quality and wind energy calculation presicion
  • Choise of equipment
  • Basic technological solutions (wind farm’s layout plan, scheme of power distribution)
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams
  • Capital commitment аnd operating costs


  • You save your time and money, mistakes are identified before it’s too late.