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Wind measurements

Professional wind measurements ensure success of any wind energy project!

The first major step towards the successful implementation of any wind energy project is the most accurate assessment of wind energy potential of wind farm construction site (measuring wind energy), which is only possible with a professional carrying out the procedure of wind measurement.

Wind measurement is an essential tool for creating a profitable wind farm project. It is also a necessary condition for obtaining a third-party investment for the project. High accuracy and quality of the conducted measurements are the keys to obtain a bank loan for the construction of wind farm.

As a leader in providing wind measurement services in the Russian market, we are pleased to share with you our experience on the following issues:

— What height should be a meteorological mast and which meteorological equipment should be used;

— Where should be placed the wind measurement complex to obtain the most correct results;

— How to equip wind measurement complex data system, lens guard it and do a cost-effective way to electrify them;

— How to properly position the sensors on the meteorological mast according to height and sides of the world, taking into account the prevailing wind direction and the effect of the aerodynamic shadow of the meteorological mast;

— Both reliably and safely perform wind measurements mast assembly depending on its height, the type of soil on the site and its topography, weather conditions etc;

— How to protect wind measurements complex from icing, lightning and vandalism;

— How to minimize the cost of purchase, installation and operation of wind measurement complex.

Supply of wind measurement equipment

Wind measurement complex should be selected by professionals.

The correct choice of instruments is critical for the entire project, because inaccurate measurement of wind speed by just a few percent can cause an error in the calculation of the expected production by tens of percent.

Compared to the cost of construction of wind farms, the cost of wind measurement is negligible.

Installing the modern complex of wind measurements allows to give the best estimation of the wind conditions and to determine the suitability of the site for further construction of wind farms.

Wind measurement complex consists of many components: the actual mast, sensors, data logger, power supply system. Only the use of modern high-precision equipment ensures correct measurements.

“Activity” is an authorized dealer of leading world manufacturers of wind measurement equipment: Renewable NRG Systems and Ammonit.

Rental of wind measurement equipment

Short-term wind measurement is held within one calendar year (12 full months). In some cases, there may be more time-consuming measurements.

You do not have to buy wind measurement equipment, you can rent everything you need for on-site measurements.

Installation of wind measurement complexes

Proper installation of the mast is a key element of successful measurements.

Most of the wind measurement components are mounted on a mast before lifting it. It is necessary that the mast stands vertically after installation. After lifting the lower part the mast should be examined from all sides for bending (using inclinometer). All the sensors must be installed vertically. Our specialists have big experience in implementing projects in wind measurement. On the territory of the Russian Federation we already installed more than a dozen of different wind measurement systems of different height and configuration.

Wind measurements

For the design of wind power station it is necessary to carry out continuous measurements for at least 12 months without interruption. Measurement of the wind speed is performed primarily by means of anemometers. This is necessary for the calculation of the energy potential. Wind direction is measured by weather vanes, these measurements are carried out in order to avoid “shadowing” some other wind turbines. In addition to speed and wind direction data terrain and surface roughness are investigated, as well as temperature, pressure and humidity to determine the density of the air flow.

Measurement of wind speed is a key element of wind measurement. At least two anemometers arranged at different heights are used to measure this parameter. Vane is used to measure wind direction. The best location for a weather vane — under the top anemometer, but at a distance of not less than 1.5 m. Depending on the height of the mast vanes are installed at other heights.

Humidity and temperature sensors are installed at a height of 10m., a pressure sensor is installed in an unpressurized metal cabinet datalogger.

Wind measurement data is collected and averaged over 10-minute intervals by the data logger, and then transmitted through the GSM / GPRS communication for further analysis.

Analysis of wind energy potential

A correct analysis of the wind energy potential of the site involves the comparison of the data of a one-year wind measurement and multiyear measurements of nearby weather stations and satellite data.

In the analysis of the measurement data peculiarities of the terrain are taken into account, surface roughness and other important parameters are also taken into account.

Within the framework of this phase the Customer will receive 3 quarterly reports and one annual report on wind measurement results. All stages of wind measurement, including the writing of the report, are in accordance with international standards, which makes a final report suitable for a bank loan.