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Worldwide renewable energy project development experience indicates the efficiency of wind farm usage in end user production companies’ power supply.

In this case wind farm is installed at production company’s site or in close proximity and supplies power in block station regime together with electric grid. Foreign experience confirms technological possibility of the projects implementation. Its’ economic feasibility depends on the following parameters:

— grid power costs (starting at 4 rur/kilowatt-hour)

— capacity of power consuming equipment (starting at 1000 kilowatt-hour)

— wind energy resource (calculated with special type of wind measurement)

LLC Activity is a leading Russian company in designing renewable energy ready-to-operate projects:

— we’ve evaluated wind resource in over 150 areas and installed more thаn 30 wind resource measurement masts in Russia and Kazakhstan. We’ve conducted over 10 calculations based on wind measurements and power capacity output evaluation.

— 7 feasibility studies conducted for wind farms construction of 395 megawatts total capacity

— 4 wind farms of 37 megawatts total designed

— 5 wind power turbines of 1080 kilowatts total constructed

Company’s experience and potential offers you a range of solutions for installation of wind farms at your production site to achieve following goals:

— cut electricity expenses

— decrease environmental impact (in case of own power generating equipment)

— improve company’s image as technologically and environmentally savvy

For more information please download our presentation.

If you’re interested in implementing block station project, please fill our questionnaire and send it back to our email. We’ll respond in course on one day.