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LLC Activity possesses experience and competence to deliver design and construction of wind power stations up to 25 megawatts in capacity, which meets the needs of retail electricity market. For retail market we design power stations aimed to sell energy to the grid as well as those that cover consumers own needs with the option of selling excessively produced energy to the mains (block-stations). Read more >>>

Design and construction of wind power station for retail market can be delivered in one package based on EPC-type contract as well as stage after stage: design first, construction second.

LLC Activity can design wind power station for retail market on its own — we have the experience and certificate of self-regulating company for design works. We fully understand the importance of proper project development in the conditions of limited capital investment in renewable energy generating facility. We have all methodological and technological solutions to estimate construction and logistics costs taking into account the prices for equipment of world’s leading manufacturers ready to localize their wind energy products in Russia. LLC Activity’s project documentation is successfully passing state expertise.

Our vast experience in wind power projects realization and personnel’s high skill level allows us to conduct independent due diligence of wind farms projects’ project and pre-project documentation.

For large power stations construction and EPC-contract realization we partner with a construction company best suited for a certain task. Choosing one of our partnership network companies is always a subject of negotiations with our customer.

Wind farm project and construction costs are always estimated separately based on specific of any given project. For more information please contact our experts via phone or email.